Practice and performance solutions for team and individual sports

Using video feedback and analysis with a sports team, camp, combine or with an individual player has never been easier, saving teams and coaches huge amounts of time in their own analysis and allowed them to concentrate more on coaching the players but with a strong evidence base to make decisions.

Mobile Video Capture & Analysis Apps

The convenience of using a mobile app will improve an athletes performance, providing instant visual feedback without interrupting the pace of the session and give athletes a real understanding of the corrections and adjustments they need to make. Video Storage Lockers allow RPM to organize and manage team and individual video clips over time; season to season and year to year.


With games and matches potentially lasting over an hour, it can be very difficult to recall specific periods or events that took place. However the tagging solution allows the game or match to be broken down into clips of each point, game phase or event with the information of what happened being added to the clip. Easily retrieve specific games situations from the on-line index you created using the custom tag panel labels. Instantly replay them and / or make technical, tactical and statistical analyses with user-friendly tools found in every media book and locker.

Media Books and EasyTag

  • Showcase for college recruitment
  • Documenting performance gains
  • Skill assessment and development
  • Game, match or event analysis
  • Detailed player databases
  • Reference library
  • Video based Statistics
  • Injury screening and baselining
  • Application and Usage

    We offer a complete video solution for Sports Organizations in order to set standards and transfer knowledge within the staff and players/athletes. Our service provides four key elements that offer all the advantages of Video Analysis to ensure quality and development of coaching standards, key processes and officiating.
    1) Dartfish Software is the ultimate tool for video analysis used by thousands of sports professionals worldwide. RPM Media Specialists are Dartfish experts with over 5 years experience working with all sports, both individual and team performance goals. We remain certified and trained so coaches don’t have to. Coaches save huge amounts of time in their own analysis by leveraging our expertise, technology and ideas. Concentrate more on coaching the players but with a strong evidence base to make decisions.

    2) Branded Media Books will quickly and efficiently integrate video analysis into your structure and processes. Standardize all your training content, methodologies and use across your entire organization.

    3) RPM TV is the organizations professional high-quality network used to create great interactive opportunities within the organization and community. The community and fan base can focus on what is important to them. At the same time, reinforce coaching and teaching needs by providing analysis and tips to your audience.

    RPM TV video-sharing platform is the solution for an organization to easily, quickly and efficiently publish and share videos online. Our powerful web-sharing platform provides all of the functions of standard video consumer platforms, with numerous additional features. What’ more, it can be used in the daily workflow of all types of professional settings for both sports and sports education. Promote your enriched videos and communicate with your emails via e-mails, notifications, links, etc. RPM will subscribe your members to lockers and attribute different rights and access control. Make RPM TV a true extension of your own website.

    Improve your workflow and gain efficiency. Your community is only a click away from highly enriched video content. Optimize your time, provide more efficient services and enhance your image with the use of the latest generation video technology. Make full use of the powerful video analysis tools administered and applied to your video by RPM media specialists. Easily and efficiently integrate video into your workflow. The remote teaching platform and solutions provides you with the greatest way of collaborating and communicating, even when athletes and coaches are miles apart.

    4) Content Reference Libraries created by RPM media specialists and enhanced using Dartfish software) are distributed within an organization in order to raise and implement standards. The members will be able to use these clips with custom media books as reference, templates, guideline in their training process. Within the Greater Atlanta Area, there is no charge for this service if the organization is promoting and using lockers and other media book products.

    Offering our products and service as your own is a fast, economical and profitable way for you to add professional-looking branded products to new and existing programs while avoiding the time and expense of doing-it-yourself. When you leverage RPM’s experience, ideas, knowledge and Dartfish technology, you are offering your players the same features and benefits used daily by the worlds top professionals, sports organizations, Olympians, Colleges, Universities, Sports Camps and Performance Labs. You gain:

  • Control over product factors such as member pricing, custom content and how its used and distributed
  • Partner pricing discounts, flexible ordering and payment options
  • Promotional and reference content for social networking sites
  • Make adjustments to your products based on customer’s changing preferences
  • Keep your video-based products fresh and innovative
  • Your products are continuously updated with the most important features available from the RPM TV platform
  • Logo, website/social site links, marketing pdf’s, media book attachments and printing
  • Another emerging application of tactical analysis, or EasyTag, involves combining play-by-play data with corresponding video to unlock limitless possibilities for evaluation and analysis.

  • Recorded statistic using the free EasyTag application are synchronized with the corresponding video clip
  • Tagged clips are published to RPM TV for fast and easy navigation to indexed-searches
  • Optionally enhance each clip with on-line coaching feedback and comments
  • Add Key position “still-shots” online to provide precise feedback and observations
  • Optionally print for distribution to staff and players