Basketball - By Position


A basketball highlight video should use 20 to 40 clips from game footage. Highlights should illustrate a wide range of ability on both the offensive and defensive ends of the court.
Show coaches the offense first.  Choose games against your best competition (HS Varsity and/or Club/AAU) and plan to include a half or full game of "un-edited" footage. 

Post Players

A post player is a player who is comfortable playing with their back to the basket and squaring up. They are not afraid of contact and will come back play after play despite getting hit. A post player is willing to go the boards on every play and be willing to run endline to endline.  Finally, a post player must be willing to defend on every play.  Coaches want to see: 

  • Shooting ability (Range)
  • Quickness & strength
  • Ability to finish around the rim
  • Rebounding
  • Athleticism & basketball awareness
  • Shot blocking ability
  • Good footwork 


Perimeter Players

Perimeter players have to be the most versatile players on the court with the ability to get to the basket and hit the open shot.  They play outside and inside and must have the ability to defend in both areas.  

Coaches want to see: 

  • Scoring ability
  • Shooting ability (Range)
  • Driving ability
  • Defensive ability
  • Rebounding
  • Quickness
  • Ability to penetrate & finish at the rim
  • Ball handling
  • Athleticism & basketball awareness
  • Court vision