Playing At The Next Level


Important information for playing at the collegiate level

Student-athletes who want to compete at the collegiate level have many choices, do they want to play at the NCAA Division I, II or III levels, or maybe attend an NAIA university or maybe start their career at a junior college. Wherever their academic/athletic careers take them there are steps to be taken to make sure they are eligible to participate at the next level.

Here is a look at the differences between the collegiate athletic divisions:



National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA) -

National Letter of Intent

It is important the parents and student-athletes understand what it means to sign a National Letter of Intent. This site will guide you through the National Letter of Intent process -

NCAA Clearing House

Any high school student wanting to play at the collegiate level must register with the NCAA's Eligibility Center. 

Division I or II prospects must create an account at 

Division III or Undecided where you will attend, you must complete a profile page - 

Guide For The College-Bound Student-Athlete (2019-2020 edition)

This publication helps answer questions for student-athletes and parents trying to navigate the NCAA recruiting process: 



High school student can gain exposure to the 250 NAIA schools by registering at PlayNAIA. The NAIA is the only college athletic association that offers official events for prospective student-athletes to showcase their skills on the field in front of the NAIA coaches. 

To register with PlayNAIA -

Parent information about the NAIA -

Prospective Student-Athlete information about the NAIA -

NAIA Member Schools

Search NAIA colleges and universities by conference, sport, state:

NJCAA Prospective Student Athlete Guide

NJCAA Member School

Search schools by sport, division, region and state: