Getting Started usually starts with a phone call or email

We have something in common, student-athletes competing for college scholarships.  So we know just how crazy busy things are right now, or so they seem.  In our case, we have hindsight, as both our kids have graduated and moving forward with their lives and careers.  

We want working with us to be easy and flexible and handle most of the work needed to help market your athletes to college coaches. We want to get to know you just a little and most important, about your player(s). How can we help?  Where are you in the process? Have you started on video and stuck or running out of time in the day?  (770) 281-9804

Ordering The Service Using PayPal


Reach out any time

You and/or your athlete(s) can reach out to us anytime by email or phone, and yes, even text.  The goal is empower your son or daughter and work directly with us on their highlights.  If text is easier or more convenient, then we're fine with it.  Email is  The company phone number forwards to Burt's mobile phone, so you are welcome to call that number directly for questions or help.  (M) 770 241-5912 

Sending video and access to game film

For video saved locally, you can send that to us using any cloud service your comfortable with. If your not sure, we are happy to help you with transferring video.  Google Drive gives you 15 Gig free and you may have enough space to send us video files.  We also use Dropbox and Amazon pretty routinely.  

For tournament game film, please forward us any download links and/or login credentials to access video on event companies website.  We save a copy of all video you send us.  

Hudl / Krossover

If your school uses Hudl or Krossover for regular season games, let us know.  For Krossover, email us your players login and we can use that to download clips.  For Hudl, give us a call and we'll help you out.  We have coach access to many team Hudl accounts which allows us to download game clips.  Good news here is that we are very familiar with these platforms and have successfully pulled down video for all our customers.   


Emailed playlist(s) for a season, tournament, etc. helps us quickly find the right spot in the video.  It doesn't have to be exact, just get us close. Note the approximate start and end times using the timeline of the game video.  We can always adjust the length of the clip during the review.

Good information to include with your email include:

  • Jersey # (color)
  • Position
  • Opposing team name
  • Tournament / event name
  • Start / End time 
  • Any notes about the play you think may help us with location

Intro & profile

Keep the intro/profile short and simple, about 10 seconds.  Coaches try to minimize the amount of time they spend watching videos because they get so many.  The key is to show you can play. A resume should be ready to email that includes personal information, academic accomplishments, athletic statistics & honors.  Info to include in a recruiting video profile should include:

  • Name
  • School
  • Jersey #
  • Position
  • Graduation year
  • Upcoming tournament season info 
  • Coach/personal contact info
  • Grades/Scores/Class Ranking (optional)
  • Action image (optional for intro)

The review process (drafts)

The first draft of a new highlight video is sent once we have all the clips edited out from game film.  You'll receive a updated draft whenever we make changes (playing order, remove clips, change length). 

The draft comes in the form of a online Media Book with some advanced features to make viewing and prioritizing clips easy,  Our drafts won't have any music, just the crowd noise.  Draft Media Books are hosted on our private Dartfish TV channel and your links are private with no password needed for viewing. 

Importance of clip playing order & length

Coaches receive hundreds of emails per day so they have to use their time wisely. They will typically decide after the first minute if they want to watch the next 3-4 minutes.  The sweet spot for length is between 4-6 minutes.   

Put your best plays in the first minute. Use your 3 best plays as your first 3 clips.  Vary the skills you decide to showcase. 

Editing & Spotlighting

We use very basic effects to minimize any distractions while coaches are evaluating playing abilities. The "spotlight" we use tracks with the player long enough for a coach to quickly spot you in and out of traffic, then fades out.  We can add a team, school or event logo if one is available to every clip.  We can also add a player text box to each clip.  

Slo-motion should be used if a play is difficult to see in real time.  Our guidance is not to use slo-mo unless we absolutely have to.  Coaches have told us special effects and slo-mo are distracting to them.  

We can adjust the length of any clip, or delete clips,at any time during the draft reviews.  


This is perhaps the one of the most discussed topics on college recruiting blogs and coach interviews. Some coaches mute the volume and many don't.  We cannot stress this enough; according to coach interviews, choice of music is in the  top three complaints.  A student-athlete should consider the recruiting journey as one of the most important job interviews of their young life.  If the decision is made to use music, coaches recommend instrumental or don't use music at all.  

We purchase all the music from Amazon, so please check there when sending us song selections.  Majority of the music requests from players violates some type of copyright laws on youtube.  If a copyright extends beyond the US, then your video may be blocked entirely when a coach tries to open it. 

Publishing & Sharing

Publishing options include our youtube channel and or the video file for you to publish. When we publish to our youtube channel we email you the link.  

It's important to always have a final review and wait a day to send the link out to coaches.  Reason being that any changes would require a new link.  Youtube does not allow that that type of editing once the video is published.