Skills & Game Filming


We provide filming for skills and full games here in the Atlanta Metro Area

  • Sport/Position Specific Skills
  • Full Games
  • Practice
  • Introduction Bio
  • Radar Gun, stop watch
  • 2nd camera / split-screen

Highlight Video or Skills Video ?

Depending on the sport or coach preference, you may be asked to send either a highlight video and/or skills video. Not every sport or position requires a skills video. A skills video includes a series of staged sport-specific actions outside of a game setting. Skills videos demonstrate to coaches your technical abilities and mastery of a key skill. 

Filming skills

When filming skills, angles and distance from the player are very important. We select the angle for skills based on where the coach normally stands to evaluate mechanics, athleticism, athletic ability and movement.
For reference, look for your sport under "By Sport - What Coaches Want to See." 

Filming provided in the Top Shelf Package

The 3 hours of filming included with the Top Shelf Package can be used anytime throughout the year and carried to the next year should you decide to continue the service. 

A single game is considered 1 hour no matter the actual game time. We maintain a focused view on your player throughout the game, keeping in mind that coaches need to easily identify your athlete and also the immediate playing action. 

Give us a call for scheduling

Have a question or need our help, please give us a call at (770) 281-9804 

Group Filming

When 3 or more players from the same team use our highlight service, we can film the skills work at your practice facility(s). The prices for group filming are lowered for all participants. 

Filming Prices

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