Soccer - By Position


A good highlight video should be 3-6 minutes long and include 20-25 clips of game action for field players. Goalies should provide skills from training along with game footage. 

Coaches want to see how athletes move in the game and the ability to make plays.  Position highlights should demonstrate technical ability, both feet controlling the ball quickly, accurate passes, comfortable in tight spaces, communication and leadership, Include highlights that show decision making for that play, good use of time and space, with and without pressure.

Especially important to coaches:

  • First touch & ball control 
  • Long & short passing
  • Range of passing 
  • Shooting & finishing 



  • Defending: 1v1, small groups, crosses and corners in the air, chasing down players, blocking shots
  • Intercepting, running forward and getting into the attack
  • Showing timing, defensive shape, technical abilities, a clean first touch
  • Keeping possession with your distribution
  • Wings: making runs forward
  • Smart tackles


  • Both sides of the ball: blocking passing lanes and getting into the attack
  • Reading the game with off-the-ball movement
  • Working hard defensively.



  • Beating opponents down the line and turning the corner
  • Crossing the ball, driven, preferably with both feet
  • Playing 18 to 18 with a good engine
  • Making well-timed and creative runs
  • Showing change of pace

Defensive Center Midfielders

  • Staying consistent and reliable
  • Winning all balls in the air and distributing them to teammates
  • Clogging up the middle and disrupting opponents’ attacks
  • Clean first touch
  • Stealing passes/making strong tackles 


Attacking Center Midfielders

  • Playmaking ability, vision
  • Showing technical control in tight spaces
  • Speed of play
  • Consistent clean first touch
  • Taking deep shots
  • Strong in the air


  • Moves to beat defenders
  • Power and accuracy of shot
  • Good shot placement and selection
  • Goals and assists
  • Getting behind the back line
  • Dribbling, combining and timing runs
  • Finishing with multiple surfaces
  • Getting on the end of corner kicks and crosses and put them on frame
  • Reading the play to know when your teammate is about to win the ball and check back into space to be an outlet pass
  • Playing back to goal and playing others in



  • Skills footage and match footage; highlight skills that weren’t shown in match footage
  • Shot stopping
  • Extension and collapse diving to both sides, preferably in a variety of situations
  • Collecting, parrying and boxing
  • Breakaways, angle play and sliding saves
  • Distribution: back passes, punts, drop kicks, throws, rolls
  • Punting: follow the ball when filming to see the distance
  • Goal kicks
  • Showing footwork throughout the video